what is important to us

We love big ideas, but we sweat the small stuff.

Compelling Ideas

We support ambitious ideas with strong potential of achieving outsized results and scale those with demonstrated effectiveness that can be sustained.


Highly effective leaders

Great ideas are impotent without high quality leadership. We fund talented leaders and teams with a growth mindset who are committed to excellence in their work.


Implementation for continuous improvement and quality results

While there has been no shortage of good ideas, there has been a dearth of high-quality implementation and ongoing accountability for results. We work with teams that have dogged execution.


Measurement and evaluation

We invest in initiatives where outputs and outcomes are measured and data is used to achieve continual improvement and results.


Long term partnership and support

We are active partners, staffed to provide some of our grantees with strategic support. We work side-by-side to develop detailed strategy and implementation plans when needed and provide ongoing advice and block and tackle support.