Education for a rapidly changing world

At One8 we seek to transform classrooms in Massachusetts, alongside our educator partners to give students the 21st Century learning they need and deserve with applied learning at the core.

A nation’s most valuable resource is its people and a high-quality education for all is the most powerful lever for a just and thriving society. Yet, only around one third of K-12 students are on grade level in our country and less than 60% of those who start college graduate within six years. The pandemic has put those students furthest from opportunity even farther behind.

Meanwhile our world is rapidly changing, upending what students must learn to be successful. 21st Century skills of critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, and communication are necessities. To develop these competencies, learning by doing, creating, questioning, and failing forward must anchor students’ learning experiences.

Updating the approach to teaching and learning is a tall order for educators. Our work is to make this change happen with a focus on applied learning and STEM.

We emphasize applied learning where students learn rigorous content and use their new knowledge to solve authentic problems like those professionals tackle in the real world. Applied learning increases knowledge, understanding, and student engagement. We believe deeply in the ability of all students to grapple with the challenges we face as a society and in educators to support them in this pursuit.

K-12 Education Grant Making

We find and partner with best-in-class education non-profits offering cutting edge STEM and applied learning programs.

Applied Learning Hub

We supports schools as they adopt high-quality applied learning programs that build the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in a rapidly changing, high tech world.


We support next generation postsecondary experiences that connect learning and work.