At One8 we believe Jewish life offers meaning and purpose. We seek to help more Jews in the US experience the joy of Jewish community by supporting efforts to make Judaism accessible and relevant. We seek a thriving and democratic Jewish state of Israel by increasing understanding among Americans and by strengthening a diverse Israeli society.

Jews are a people shaped by religion, identity, and culture rich in meaning and purpose. Whether tapping into ancient traditions or modern interpretations, Jewish community enriches the lives of its participants and the world around us. Yet, many Jewish young adults, couples and young families have not found the way to make it relevant to their busy lives. We support user-centric organizations that serve needs of young couples and families creating innovative Jewish experiences in local communities that are flexible, joyful, meaningful, and non-prescriptive. We also work with organizations to dispel the growing antisemitic beliefs and attitudes building in the US.

The democratic state of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. Support of Israel among Americans has become polarized and de-legitimization of Israel is making its way into mainstream thinking. At the same time, Israel is a relatively young nation dealing with an increasingly religiously and ethnically diverse population. We seek to help Americans better understand the complexity and nuance of Israel while also working to strengthen Israeli society through employment and leadership development among diverse communities of Israelis.

Jewish Community

Build vibrant Jewish communities of meaning and purpose for young couples and families that are approachable and joyous.


Support a thriving and democratic Jewish State of Israel through ethical leadership development, access to equitable career opportunities for minority communities, and educational opportunities for leaders in the U.S.


Address Antisemitism with education, engagement and relationships