We recognize that being informed about the problems and most relevant research is critical to success, yet we are not the leading experts on the programmatic solutions. As a result, we put a premium on developing relationships with experts and gathering their perspectives.


A clear mission and well vetted, evaluated programmatic approach are the foundation for impact. However, nonprofits must also have additional characteristics to succeed, including:

  • Excellent leaders: Even the best idea is impotent without strong, capable, and decisive leadership;
  • Measurable results: While gathering definitive proof is not always possible, we invest based on results and believe that the most effective nonprofit leaders manage their organizations with a commitment to measurement and a focus on outcomes;
  • Sustainable approaches: Change requires many years and sustainable funding streams. A sustainable financial model is a must.


We are clear that the agents of change are the nonprofits we support – not One8 itself. As a result, we identify organizations with missions, strategies, and capacity that are well matched with our goals and then provide organization-wide (not program-specific) support.


We believe that focused attention and funding for a small number of organizations allows for the greatest possible results. Our grant-making approach includes:

  • High standards in selection;
  • Aligned, clear grant hypothesis and ambitious goal setting;
  • Meaningful financial grants;
  • Focused consulting and implementation support on an as needed basis;
  • Strong, trusting relationships established over time.

We provide dogged support, strategic assistance and ongoing coaching to grantee organizations:

  • To clarify their theories of change and strengthen their business plans;
  • To communicate their work powerfully to others;
  • To provide “block & tackle” support, ongoing advice and a safe haven for rigorous problem-solving;
  • To advocate for them with other funders, decision-makers and political leaders.